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The Restorative Justice Council -

Governing the Practice of Restorative Service Providers & Practitioners


The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) are an independent membership body, responsible for overseeing restorative practice.

As part of their role, the RJC offer a national voice in promoting:

  • quality in restorative practice.

  • accessible service information and support.

  • quality assurance in setting clear practice standards.

  • public confidence in the delivery of Restorative Justice.

The RJC monitor and recognise good practice by RJ Service Providers and Practitioners. Originally known as the Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM), Services were recognised for meeting standards in high quality restorative practice.

We received the Quality Mark in 2018 and Service Registration in 2020, when the latter superseded the RSQM.

Registration reflects the RJC’s endorsement of our ability to deliver safe, high-quality practice, that complies with the Council’s six restorative service standards. The six standards are a useful guide of what you can expect when considering whether RJ is the right option for you and in participating within a restorative process.

Restorative practice is about helping you make informed decisions about  either your recovery from crime, or your personal rehabilitation; safely, respectfully and without judgement.