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What is Restorative Justice?

“The service was more than I expected.  It helped me deal with the offence rather than having regret.  I won’t lie, it also means I can carry on with the job I love.  I got my friend back, which I didn’t expect.  The support from both of you really helped me. I am in a great place now, plus my job is great.”

Has Restorative Justice helped other offenders you’ve supported?

“Opens your eyes a bit. Gave me chance to reflect on it again and get my apology across – have some form of contact with them.”

“Helped me understand the harm I caused.”

“I could not have done this without you. I have let that guilt go now and it’s all good.  I have done the right things and being able to do that because of you. I had guilt and it’s a weight off my shoulders.  I had no way of sharing how I felt about what I did and what the future could be like for both of us. I will only have positive thoughts now, not negative ones. I want to start a different life, what I did would have always been weighing on me.”

“Given me time to reflect on it and put feelings on to paper. Doing that and talking about it has given me the time to think and realise the implications.”

“She told me how she felt it wasn’t nice to hear that I made her feel that way. Making her feel better about herself made me feel better about myself.”

“Writing a letter to the victim enabled me think about what I did to her when she was only trying to help me. It allowed me time to think about what I wanted to say and communicate my shame, embarrassment and emotions. Receiving the positive feedback makes me feel good about myself after doing something bad to another.”

Could Restorative Justice help me?

Are you fully accountable for your offending?
Do you want to apologise to the victim?
Do you want to offer an explanation to the victim?
Do you want to reassure the victim, this won't happen again?
Do you want to show the victim that you are taking full responsibiity?
Do you want to make amends?