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What is Restorative Justice?

“It allowed the offender time to understand the impacts her behaviour had on staff, then apologise in a letter to us.”

“It gives you insight into both sides, not just your own. It’s showing people that there are reasons behind.”


How does Restorative Justice work?

“Both parties were equally included in the process. I was informed at every step, allowing me to make my own decisions.

I was referred for counselling.  I wasn’t sleeping, I was overwhelmed, tired, stressed and felt suicidal.  The Victim Care Officer made me realise I needed support, if I hadn’t received it, I would not be here today, I had contemplated suicide many times. I was kept up to date at every step of the way. I felt very supported, you got to know my needs so well.”

Has Restorative Justice helped other victims you've supported?

It’s made me see things in a different light. He’s done what he’s done, and nothing can undo that but now I can see he’s human. It’s changed my whole focus on life. I see it all differently now.

I really did feel in control. I didn’t before all of this. It used to scare me, thinking what would I do? Now I don’t feel like that.  It’s made me think. The panic attacks are a lot better now. I always thought I would have one if I saw him in the street but now, I think I would just walk straight passed. I feel much more at ease.  I can talk about it more easily, where I couldn’t before.

You have helped me, I use this all the time, taking small steps. I used to always jump in the deep end, and you’ve taught me small steps is the better way. I use it all the time if I face any challenges. I’m a changed person. I think completely differently now.

Could Restorative Justice help me?

Would you like an apology from the offender?
Do you have questions you would like the offender to answer?
Would you like reassurance that this won't happen again?
Would you like an explanation from the offender?
Is there information you would like to share with the offender?
Are there impacts of the offence you want to talk about?

How Restorative Justice Helped Gemma

How Restorative Justice Helped Gemma featured image

How Restorative Justice Helped Chris

In the UK, 12,000 men aged 16-59 are raped every year – figures have risen by a third in the last decade and are, in reality, likely to be higher as many feel unable to report this crime to the police. Chris Storey was raped by a stranger when he was a teenager and despite the significant fear and trauma he endured, he has always wanted to meet his attacker face-to-face.

Click here to watch the BBC’s news piece

How do I start my own Restorative journey?

If you would like to start a conversation about your interest in Restorative Justice, we’d love to hear from to you.

Every victim of crime has the right to access safe, respectful and inclusive practice.

This is about you and by exploring your personal needs, we will support you in making informed choices about your participation and your preferred means of communication.

Talk to us today, we’re ready to listen.

Please note: The email address and contact us form are not secure, so please don’t give sensitive details or personal information at this stage. Use them to register your interest and we will contact you.

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