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Making a Referral

We accept both victim and offender-initiated referrals. RJ could be suitable, if any of the below requirements apply to either party:

Consideration of Victim Requirements:

  • Would they like to know why the offence took place?
  • Would they like an explanation from the offender?
  • Do they have questions that they would like answering by the offender?
  • Would they like reassurance from the offender to satisfy themselves that the crime won’t happen again?
  • Would they like an apology from the offender?
  • Is there anything that they would like to say to the offender?
  • Is there anything else that may assist them in their recovery?

Circumstance in which the Offender may wish to engage. Do they:

  • Demonstrate remorse for committing the offence/causing the harm?
  • Indicate that they would like to provide an explanation to the victim or a family member as to what happened or why it happened?
  • Want to reassure the victim that the offence will not happen again?
  • Want to offer an apology to the victim?