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Client Testimonials

The following quotes have been taken from Evaluations, completed by both victims and offenders, following their participation in Restorative Justice and engagement with Restorative Cleveland.

Amazing. I could feel the sincerity of the words and believe in the words he is saying. Appreciative of the words.

Criminal Damage, Letter of Explanation & Shuttle.

The support I’ve had to point me in the right direction. Feel like I’m giving something back, feel like putting it right.  Feel a lot better. Feel more open to being able to help the police now.

Possession of an Offensive Weapon, Letter of Explanation & Shuttle.

If this wasn’t in place, it could have just happened again.

Drunk & Disorderly, Letter of Explanation.

It is extremely empowering.

Hate Crime, Recorded Message & Shuttle.

I would have not known anything without this. I understand more now and feel more involved in this outcome. Hearing the feedback gave me a better sense/understanding regarding my safety.

Assault, Letter of Explanation & Shuttle.

Could not have had a better outcome from being able to pass information to the people affected by my actions. I know this is your job but I felt like I was the only person you were working with.

Fraud, Male, Shuttle Mediation

Definitely, for his peace of mind. I can imagine how it would have felt the other way around.  I can understand how he felt.

Assault, Letter of Explanation & Shuttle.

The letter seals everything, it means a lot, the matter is closed and I don’t hold any animosity.

Criminal Damage, Letter of Explanation & Shuttle.

Restorative Cleveland

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This is YOUR Restorative Cleveland

RJ should be accessible to all crime victims, at any stage during the Criminal Justice System; inclusive of offence type.

Our vision for a truly Restorative Cleveland recognises several key contact points, where the opportunity for victims and offenders to communicate can be offered, dependant upon the personal preference of each.

Working with our partner agencies, we aim to offer a high quality restorative service across Cleveland.

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