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New Year, New Mediation Service!

Exciting news from Safer Communities, we are currently in the progress of developing a new, independent Mediation Service. Sue Deehan, Mediation Development Officer, explains…

New Year, New Mediation Service!

Developing Restorative Practices

Safer Communities work in partnership making communities safer, supporting victims of crime and creating opportunities to change people’s lives for the better. We provide high quality support, interventions and programmes that deliver significant life changing differences for people who engage in our service. Our ambition is to be a centre of excellence in community safety. We are pleased to announce the development of a new Community Mediation Service which will closely align with the Victim Care and Advice Service (VCAS) and Restorative Cleveland.

The new Safer Communities Mediation Service will provide an intervention that will assist our strategic aims of reducing crime and keeping people safe by offering conflict resolution opportunities in neighbourhood disputes and anti-social behaviour at the earliest opportunity.  

This will:-

• Establish a universal service to all residents in our community
• Create safe and sustainable communities
• Empower residents to manage their disputes
• Reduce the demand made on police time spent on community conflicts
• To help build strong community relationships

Sue Deehan has been employed to develop the Mediation Service. Sue first trained as a Community Mediator in 1993. Shortly afterwards in addition to mediating Sue became a trainer and practitioner in Mediation for a local charity, Mediation UK and undertook consultancy work in Alternative Dispute Resolution for a range of organisations.

In addition to 10 years’ experience in Mediation and Conciliation Sue moved across to the Criminal Justice System and worked as a Restorative Justice Co-ordinator in a Youth Offending Service undertaking work with victims and young people who commit crime, before being an Operations Manager for the service.

Having spent 10 years as a mediator and 17 years working in restorative justice and training in both areas, Sue has considerable knowledge and experience to bring to this much needed development for Safer Communities.

Sue commented “When I first became a Mediator it changed my life. I knew that this was something that I would always be involved in. I am fortunate to have had a career where I have been able to use these skills in the Criminal Justice System and in civil matters. I hope I have influenced people to embrace the importance of using effective communication skills to be able to articulate their thoughts and feelings in a way that it can be heard by others. Also through facilitation, enable the real change that can be achieved when people are brought together in a conflict and are able to recognise each other’s point of view, often for the first time. They become empowered to come up with the solutions to resolve their own differences.”  

“This is a very exciting opportunity to develop an independent, neutral Mediation Service across Teesside. To be able to do this in an already established professional service and being aligned with Restorative Cleveland and VCAS will provide an excellent complimentary suite of services for the residents of Teesside.  I am passionate about what we will be able to achieve.”

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