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Mediation in Practice

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Mediation helps people who are in a conflict and want to resolve the situation come to an agreement about how things will be in the future.

Step 1 – Introduction and checks

Once you have contacted the Mediation Service (or your details have been passed to Safer Communities from a partner agency), you will be contacted by phone. A mediator will explain what will happen, check your personal information and arrange to visit you at your home or another venue you may identify at a time that is convenient for you.

Step 2 – Initial visit

A Mediator will visit you for up to an hour. They will go over the mediation process again, so you are clear. Mediators are independent, neutral and will not judge you. They will not offer you any advice. The Mediator will listen to what has happened, how you are feeling, how the issues are impacting on you, ask you focussed questions and may challenge your thinking. Mediators will explore what you identify as solutions and how realistic and achievable they may be. Before leaving they will be clear about what will happen next and the time scales for future contact.

They will then visit the other people involved and follow an identical process.

Step 3 – Further visit

Once all of the parties have had an individual meeting with the Mediator it may be necessary for the Mediator to meet with you again. This meeting is helpful to ask further clarifying questions, share information and to prepare you for the next stage which will be a joint meeting with the other parties involved and the Mediator.

Step 4 – Joint Meeting

The Joint meeting will be arranged at a venue that is easy for you to access and at a time that is suitable for all involved. There will be two Mediators managing the meeting. There is a standard process for Mediators to follow at the meeting which will have been shared with you at the previous visit.

At the start of the meeting there will be an agreement about behaviour and how the meeting will be managed. All participants will have a brief period of uninterrupted time before more detailed discussions are explored on all of the issues. Through detailed discussion the mediators will identify the issues one at a time and explore options and solutions. As agreement is reached on each issue this will be carefully recorded by the mediator. Future actions agreed will become a written agreement which will be signed by everyone at the meeting.

Step 5 – Evaluation and Follow Up

After the Joint Meeting the Mediator will contact those involved separately to discuss how they are feeling and to obtain Feedback on the process.
In addition to this the Mediator will seek agreement from the parties involved to contact them at a later date to check how the agreement is holding.

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